You may choose to sell a home directly to the buyer because it has many advantages. There are a number of challenges that you may encounter while selling the home directly as well. Here is How To Sell Your House and to precede with the sale:

Consider you have done your research and found the right kind of buyer that you want to sell directly from its sale. The house has been inspected and all the issues raised have been dealt with. The legal experts have documented the files necessary for the sale and the buyout price has been agreed on. This way, you are only a few moments away from selling the home to your choice buyer.


You may also choose to involve an agent in the sale of the home to assist you in complex issues that may arise. When selling a home that is up for sale by the owner, there are a number of basics that you should follow on How To Sell Your House:

Searching for a buyer: Most buyers may search for the home of their dreams through various platforms.  It can be from various newspaper and magazine adverts, searching the internet on various classified advertisement sites’ listings or by directly searching for the “house for sale” listings around your area.

Pre-approval: This provides the rough estimate of the selling price of the house. It will provide the buyer with the right knowledge that will form the basis of your bargains. This is the initial offer of the seller that shows he can allow them to negotiate on the price tabled.

Valuation report: This will show the buyer the basis of comparing the price quoted by the seller and the prices of the recently sold homes in that particular area. The report will ensure that the house is not overpriced.

Review by an attorney: You should obtain legal advice from a property lawyer to assist you from the beginning to the end of the sale. This will protect you from unlawful practices that might land you in the wrong hands of the law. These legal obligations are essential from the lawyer for signing various legal documents and undertaking various negotiations.

The actual offer: After hearing from the buyer about the price that they are willing to buy your house at, you shall present your offer. Get the necessary order forms and other legal papers from the attorney and present them to the buyer. You should table a reasonable offer that is not too low and leave a room for further negotiations.

Lock in the mortgage rates: This is supposed to be conducted once you have reached on an agreement, but the house is still under contract.  Present your offer to the buyer so they consult the lender for a firm commitment on the mortgage. The lender will then make arrangements for the house to be upraised based on property sale.

Inspection of the house: the buyer will then inspect the house to see its current condition. It is important the buyer hires a qualified house inspector to find out whether there are any areas of concern with the building. They will determine whether the house is built according to the recommended building codes.

Renegotiation’s: if you find out that the building has some flaws, you may consider renegotiating with the buyer since it will cost you some money to undertake repairs. Your renegotiation should be priced on the basis with the damages/issues raised.

It is important to note that leaving out an agent when considering to buy a house does not mean that the price will be reviewed downwards. It does not guarantee that the buyer will cut down the price in favor of one-on-one sale. You should be able to find out the motive of the buyer so as to bargain accordingly.

Ensure that you go out around the area to check on the current prices of the homes around that area to avoid being unrealistically priced when selling your property.

Ensure that you have the necessary documents to prove ownership of the home to the buyer, including a title deed. Undertake written contracts so as to avoid risking landing on the wrong side of the law should the deal turn sour. It is important to have a neutral account where your down payment and final payment shall be deposited before the sale is finalized. This is How To Sell Your House.

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